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EC'ing at two months. This is the basic position, essentially assisting them into a squat with your support.

Curious about infant toilet learning, or EC? Here are some tips to get started…

Since I am deep in the mother-baby cocoon these days I thought I would share my EC’ing experiences for curious mamas or papas who might like to give it a try!  The process of being attuned to your child’s elimination patterns is something mothers do everywhere although it is less common in western cultures where disposable diapers are the norm.  Infant toilet learning goes by many names, the least fortunate of which is “Elimination Communication.”  I can’t really say the phrase with a straight face, so I will refer to it here simply as ‘EC’ing.’

I started EC’ing my first born about three weeks after his birth.  One day I held him over the toilet, and he peed.  Boys can be hilarious to EC if you have a sense of humor.  Their pee can shoot unpredictably in just about any direction.  This can make night-time EC’ing trickier in the winter time if you’re not using diapers, but for us it was still worth the added effort.  My son did not poop in a diaper after he was three months old, and by eighteen months he was wearing underwear full-time and independently taking himself to the toilet. Read more