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Ten reasons not to circumcise your baby

You’ve probably heard that circumcision rates have sharply and steadily fallen in the US, and in 2009 only about a third of baby boys in the US had their penises surgically altered… And you’ve probably heard all the reasons why circumcision is not medically necessary, and why most of the world doesn’t do this to their babies…… But in case you are still on the fence about it, here are ten reasons not to:

1. Your son will thank you.

2. Your son will thank you for not removing one of his body parts without his willing consent.

3. Your son will thank you for not subjecting him to a painful and medically unnecessary surgery when he is only days old.

4. Your son will thank you for allowing him to experience his sexuality the way nature/God intended him to.

5. Your son will thank you for not having a damaged or dysfunctional penis as the result of botched circumcision.

6. Your son will thank you for having greater sexual pleasure and comfort.

7. Your son will thank you for being able to give his girlfriend greater sexual pleasure and comfort.

8. Your son will thank you for respecting him enough to allow him to make his own decisions about his body.

9. Your son will thank you for following your motherly and fatherly instincts over outdated notions about male sexuality.

10. You son will thank you for loving him in his entirety, exactly as he was born to be.

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Circumcision is no longer the norm –  Oprah talk

Over the last few decades, parent’s and physician’s attitudes towards circumcision have radically changed. Parents are thoughtfully re-considering  what once was a routine, almost unquestioned procedure in the U.S. We’re now finally talking about what it means to permanently surgically alter an unconsenting baby’s body. It’s great to see this human rights issue for boys getting some attention on Oprah.com. An informative, inspiring piece for everyone to read, especially new parents who may be considering circumcising their new baby. Should We Circumcise Our Son? – Oprah.com

“The First Cut Is the Deepest—What About Circumcision?”

Dr. Kellogg believed circumcision—especially when performed without anesthetic—would create a link in the patient’s mind between sex and pain and would make sex less pleasurable and abstinence easier. The anti-circumcision group Circumcision Resource Center agrees that circumcision reduces sexual feeling. They summarize a 2007 study published in the British Journal of Urology International, saying: “Five locations on the uncircumcised penis that are routinely removed at circumcision are significantly more sensitive than the most sensitive location on the circumcised penis.

In 1989, the famous pediatrician and author Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote about circumcision for Redbook magazine. “In the 1940s, I favored circumcision performed within a few days of birth,” he wrote. “My own preference, if I had the good fortune to have another son, would be to leave his little penis alone.