Birth videos

There are probably thousands of beautiful and tear-inspiring birth videos online. Here are some of my favorites, and a few that struck me as particularly noteworthy or unique. Most birth videos fast-forward through labor and don’t give you a sense of the labor or birth from the mother’s experience. While I have tried to include a handful of less polished, more realistic birth scenes, remember that hours or days of labor preceded these births. Some are unassisted, some midwife-attended, and a few are hospital births. I have tried to demonstrate the diversity in homebirth settings — from small urban apartments to large suburban estates. (Note: You may first need to log-in to YouTube for age verification for some of these to play).

(1) Such gorgeous imagery here. Pay close attention, this one starts right off with the father catching while the midwife sits next to the tub, easily slipping a loop of cord off the baby’s shoulder.

(2) Homebirth after 2 cesareans. This is a beautiful example of a mama instinctively pushing her baby out, on her own terms — aka ‘spontaneous pushing.’ She is not being coached/cheered/yelled at to “PUSH!” because her body is already doing it. Notice how the intensity of the mother’s gutteral pushing moans quickly change to deep, motherly sighs of joy immediately after her baby emerges. (Note: The camera goes right side up after a few moments).

(3) I love this standing homebirth in Sweden. Don’t worry, mom catches the baby! Lovely daytime lighting.

(4) This first-time mother births her very cute and very vernixy baby at home in New York City, then celebrates with a birthday cake! Mom is laughing and eating yogurt in early labor, then moves through many common scenes during a labor at home: on the birth ball, mom being massaged, in the tub. Very sweet!

(5) A second-time mom births her baby born in the caul.

(6) A very funny mother of two older girls chooses to birth her third baby at home in the hot tub. Comic and sweet!

(7) What hospital birth COULD look like in the US. This is a Danish hospital waterbirth with a midwife — exemplifying that a calm, peaceful environment and birth can certainly be had in a hospital setting. (Also, cute demonstration of newborn stepping reflex toward the end).

(8) Posterior baby slowly stretches mom’s perineum in the water before emerging direct OP, or sunny side up.

(9) Home waterbirth. Beautiful footage of labor and the minutes postpartum.

(10) A standing birth where the mother uses a hanging sling for support. I love the kid’s response to the baby’s arrival, especially the sweet look on the teenage son’s face.

(11) Breech homebirth of first-time mom in the US, attended by Dr. Stuart Fischbein.

(12) Amazing video of a frank breech home waterbirth for a first-time mom! (Disclaimer: This is NOT me uniformly endorsing breech homebirth!!!)