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Hilary Schlinger CNM, CPM
Hilary Schlinger CNM, CPM

So Long, "Nurse" Midwives? Hilary Schlinger CNM, CPM puts ACNM’s proposed name change in 20 years of context

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM)  has a motion on the table to change its name to the American College of Midwives (ACM). There has been talk about this change happening for years, but there may finally be enough support to approve the motion at the upcoming annual meeting in San Antonio. There has been internal discussion in certain midwifery circles about the politics surrounding the name change and how it may affect direct-entry midwifery. I think it is time to move the discussion into a more public arena.

I interviewed homebirth midwife Hilary Schlinger about the proposed name change and her vision for the future of midwifery in the US. Hilary is both a Certified Nurse-Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife and has a long history in midwifery politics. She has served on the Midwives Alliance of North America board of directors and is the author of Circle of Midwives, a book about the history of the Midwives Alliance of North America and the resurgence of midwifery as a profession in the United States.

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Bioneers' Interview with Mohawk midwife Katsi Cook

Our power as women blows me away. Change happens one by one. Every action we take can inspire one small bit of change, one small ripple of peace that someone might carry with them through the rest of their life.

“Our grandmas tell us we’re the first environment, that our babies inside of our bodies see through the mother’s eyes and hear through the mother’s ears. Our bodies as women are the first environment of the baby coming, and the responsibility of that is such that we need to reawaken our women to the power that is inherent in that transformative process that birth should be.”

From the 1999 Bioneers Conference,  Marin Center near San Francisco, CA.

An Interview With Katsi Cook | Talking Leaves

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New Midwifery Program in Appalachia! Sacred Mountain Midwifery Opens in West Virginia

I felt a surge up my spine when I heard the news about the new midwifery program opening up at Spruce Knob, West Virginia.  This place is filled with vitality, love, wonder, and power–I wish I were back there and still a student! I attended a midwifery conference here a few years ago, then had the sublime pleasure of an extended visit through the fall with my partner and son. If you’re thinking about midwifery and you live in the area, treat yourself to a visit!